John Harrison

Captain John Harrison

In the oldest section of Beechwood Cemetery, the part that was once used by the Larzelere family as their burial grounds, lies the body of Captain John Harrison, the only known Revolutionary War soldier buried here. Beside him is his wife, Rachel Vansant, daughter of Garret and Leah (Nixon) Vansant.

John Harrison was born March 17, 1748 in Bucks County and died November 30, 1806 in Philadelphia. John and Rachel married October 24, 1770 at the Presbyterian Church in Newtown. Their known children include: Abraham (16 Sep 1771 - 19 Apr 1833), Elizabeth (01 Apr 1775 - 14 Sep 1829), Sarah (21 Dec 1776 - ?), John Jr. (24 Jul 1778 - 04 Jul 1821), and George (27 Nov 1780 - 03 Jan 1852). They may have had another son named James, born before 1780 who married Martha Brelsford.

John and Rachel's son George was the father of two of Beechwood's founders, Samuel Hulme Harrison and Edmund G. Harrison.

The American Civil War
John Harrison Douglass

A Civil War soldier, John Harrison Douglass, was buried in 1865 when the place was simply referred to as Joseph Canby's grave yard. This record, among others, shows that the grounds of Beechwood were used as a cemetery for years before the company was incorporated in 1869. John was the son of James and Sarah Douglass who lived in the Borough of Bristol.

J.H. Douglass was a in the New Jersey Cavalry, Company M. Also buried in the old section are his father, James who died September 10, 1857 and his brother, Theodore (1833-1882).

Edmund G. Harrison, one of the founders of Beechwood Cemetery, served during the Civil War in Capt. Burnett Landreth’s Pennsylvania Militia.
John Henry Harrison
John Henry Harrison, son of Samuel Hulme Harrison and Jennet Joyce served during the Civil War in PA .
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